Sports & Events


RFID technology offers various benefits for companies seeking efficiency gains in event, sports and leisure ticketing. Thanks to RFID, they can automate processes significantly and thereby provide faster and more convenient access and enhance the service for their customers during their stay.

RFID entrance tickets are being used at concerts, major global sports events, including the Olympic Games, as well as at theme parks, and many more.

Benefits of RFID for Events & Leisure 


Faster and more convenient access process

Accelerated ticket handling

Superior method of fraud prevention

Improved customer experience

New opportunities for customer interaction & loyalty

RFID for Sports Timing

The world’s leading sports timing companies choose KocoData tags for accurate results in mud races, cycling events and marathons. Over 20 million athletes globally rely on bib tags, bike tags or other sports timing tags powered by KocoData’s technology at multiple contests every year.


KocoData tags are used for the most famous running events around the world, on five continents, in more than 50 countries. At least 50% of the six World Marathon Majors rely on KocoData’s technology expertise.