Rfid Inventory Management System

The RFID intelligent warehouse management solution adds RFID functions to the traditional production process, so that the basic functions of general warehouse management, such as normal warehouse storage, inventory counting, are upgraded to automation and data. Changda RFID intelligent warehouse management system can record the production and transfer data of goods in real time, so that relevant management personnel can easily query and allocate related resources through the system, improve the accuracy and speed of the overall process, increase the efficiency of warehouse management, and reduce warehouse management Cost, thereby improving the productivity and logistics efficiency of the enterprise.

Product Details

The RFID WMS warehouse management system mainly includes six functional modules: system management, warehousing management, moving warehouse management, picking management, inventory management, and outbound management.

Compared with traditional barcodes, RFID technology can store more information in the inventory management system, guarantee the reliability of storage, quality assurance and product category management on a larger scale, and can read any number of RFID tags from a certain distance , Which greatly reduces the workload and error rate of goods registration. RFID also realizes the function of tracking products from the production of products to consumers buying products from beginning to end, which can help companies find and solve problems in the supply chain as early as possible

Integrating RFID technology into Hitachi’s existing warehouse management system will achieve the following goals:
• Reduce the labor force by 20-30%;
• 99% of warehouse items can be visualized, reducing the risk of missing items;
•Reduce work service time by 20-25% and improve supply chain management;
•Improve the accuracy and reliability of warehouse information;
• Efficient and correct data collection improves the operation rate;
•Automatic collection of input and output data to reduce human error;
• Reduce enterprise warehousing logistics costs.


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