Smartrac Introduces Flexible Metal NFC Labels For Industrial And Retail

- Oct 16, 2019-

RFID products and IoT solution provider Smartrac introduced a Block metal tag. These ferrite-based NFC inlays and tags are flexible for use in projects that require identification of metal surfaces in industrial, retail, and B2C applications.

In the design of the new label, Smartrac combines the label antenna with a thin layer of flexible ferrite material, which Smartrac believes can isolate the open magnetic field from the metal surface. This flexible ferrite material redirects the sensing field of the reader and prevents thermal energy from being wasted on the metal surface.

Picture 1.png

Smartrac's Block Metal Tag

According to Smartrac, the performance and read range of metal tags make it a viable solution for a range of industrial, retail and consumer applications, including customer engagement and loyalty, asset management, brand protection, secure product certification and payment. .

Block metal labels are 50mm x 50mm (1.97" x 1.97") designed to provide digital identification and identification of metal parts, spare parts, signage, tools, machines and household items. Smartrac points out that these labels are suitable for roll-to-roll production processes, making subsequent processing easier and more cost effective. The converter can overprint the inlay if needed.

The Block metal tag is equipped with NXP Semiconductors' ICODE SLIX2 chip, which is NFC Type 5 compliant and backward compatible with other NXP SLIX models; the chip features NXP's original features to provide more efficient inventory management and Larger read range (because the chip has the ability to resist detuning), in addition, flexible user memory segmentation with independent access conditions, password-protected on-chip service loop counters, and 2.5 KB of user memory.