RFID Warehouse Management System

- Apr 02, 2019-

RFID warehouse management system--Food warehouse information construction


The importance of the food industry in real life is self-evident, people's daily life is inseparable from all kinds of food, and the food industry is also related to people's physical health, so it should not be underestimated, has always been a cautious development industry. Because in the event of a food problem, or a problem with the food supplier, it will directly harm the company's reputation, and even cause some unnecessary trouble.


Although the food industry faces many challenges, its development potential is enormous. As a result, there are so many food companies and factories, and the competition is fierce. For those who have worked in the food industry, its warehouse management is extremely difficult to control, and the cost of input is not proportional to the efficiency of output. Therefore, who can master the warehouse, who can better seize the development opportunities.

To this end, the company has developed this RFID warehouse management system for the business process, problems and usage requirements of the food warehouse, so that the company can manage the process and clearly understand the inventory dynamics, thus making more scientific decisions.


1. Location management

Most of the food warehouse's goods and materials are placed indiscriminately, it is difficult to quickly find the raw materials or commodities that they want, affecting the production schedule or delivery speed. Moreover, it is impossible to know the quantity of goods or raw materials in time, and some goods are neither manufacturers nor buyers, which greatly damages the interests of enterprises.

The RFID warehousing management system uses RFID technology to realize commodity identification, which can quickly find and accurately locate materials and improve the operation efficiency of personnel. It can also guide warehouse personnel to enter and exit the warehouse, reasonably place goods and improve warehouse utilization.


2. Convenient query

Every time you purchase and ship, especially when you purchase in bulk, you can check the specific information of the supplier and the detailed information of the single purchase through the system record. Not only can problems be avoided in time, but even if there are problems in the future, you can check the basis of the beginning to ensure the safety of the goods.


3.Reduce wear and tear

Food has a shelf life. Once it exceeds the time limit, it can not only be sold out of the warehouse, but also destroys or occupies warehouse resources after the deadline, which causes the loss of the warehouse. The high cost of expenditure for most food companies is also caused by this reason.

The RFID warehouse management system can set the high and low inventory quantity of food. Once it exceeds or is lower than the safety quantity, the system automatically alerts you; you can also set the validity period of the food. Once the set warning days are reached, the system automatically alerts you to reduce the prompt. Food consumption, backlog, and out of stock problems, saving costs.