RFID Tag Solution

- Jan 10, 2019-

RFID tag in elevator inspection certificate solution

The emergence of RFID electronic tags has solved the problems of the special equipment inspection department of the Technical Supervision Bureau. The RFID paper ticket is embedded with an electronic certificate, which has the characteristics of direct surface printing, strong anti-counterfeiting ability, reliable ticket checking and accurate background statistics. Paper RFID tags are not only cheap, but also store information, which can be recorded on the chip. The special equipment inspection department of the Technical Supervision Bureau can know whether the maintenance and repair company has carried out the routine inspection according to the regulations by extracting the information, and also knows the specific time and the qualification certificate of the inspection personnel responsible for the inspection of the elevator maintenance and maintenance company.

Application of RFID tags in the medical field in Pittsburgh, USA

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed an orthopaedic labeling system that attaches RFID tags with embedded sensors to orthopedic instruments, allowing implanted tags to track device usage in the body. The signal from the label in the human body is transmitted through the skin tissue to the reader outside the skin. The system can not only track the implant environment of the human body, but also have certain anti-counterfeiting properties for the orthopedic instruments themselves.