RFID Inventory Machine

- Apr 10, 2019-

Application advantages of RFID inventory machine


warehouse management solution

The RFID inventory machine can be used for inventory of shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, and fixed assets. The types and quantities of goods that are often counted are numerous. The traditional manual inventory is recorded on paper. When recording and inputting, the data is easy to make mistakes and the update is not timely, which not only consumes a lot of manpower and time, but also inefficiency. Using the RFID inventory machine for inventory, not only can quickly complete the inventory work, but also effectively avoid human error, the data is more accurate.


RFID has great advantages compared with traditional barcode recognition:


1. No light source is needed, and data can even be read through external materials;

2, long service life, can work in harsh environments;

3, can be easily embedded or attached to different shapes and types of products;

4, the reading distance is farther, and can read multiple labels at one time;

5, can write and access data, the content of the label can be changed dynamically;

6, the data access of the tag is password protected, and the security is higher;

7. Tracking and positioning of objects attached to the RFID tag.


Using RFID inventory machines for inventory, compared with barcode counting machines, also has incomparable advantages. The barcode counting machine needs to scan the barcode at a close distance without object blocking, and can only read one barcode at a time. The RFID inventory machine can read multiple RFID tags at a time, and can penetrate the identification, identify the distance is far, and the inventory efficiency is higher, so the traditional manual inventory has been gradually replaced by the RFID handheld terminal.


The inventory personnel only need to hold the information of the RFID inventory machine to read the goods, and compare with the cargo information of the system, so that the type and quantity of the goods can be clearly known. The use of RFID inventory machine for inventory, saving manpower, reducing labor costs, and accurate and efficient.