New Retail Use RFID Tag

- Mar 21, 2019-

What is new retail? Jointly realize retail O+O zero distance


Looking back on last year, the Internet is a new wave of words, such as "automatic driving", "AI", "blockchain", etc., which must be heard by everyone. But recently there is another concept that comes into people's attention, that is, "new retail." Someone may ask what is new retail? For this question, some people will say that it is a mode of “online + offline + logistics”, and some people think that it is to retail data.

What is new retail, realizing retail O+O zero distance

Popular point of view, the new retail is to use the Internet's high-tech technology and through data analysis, a new upgrade and transformation of the production, distribution, sales and other processes. Compared with the traditional retail mode, from the original purchase to the consumer, to the successful purchase by the consumer; upgrade to the consumer's purchase preferences, to carry the goods, and then to the designated consumer. The new retail will be integrated online and offline.

The lack of borders between online and offline will become an inevitable trend of retailing in the future. BOE (BOE) provides a smart retail Internet of Things solution that will ultimately bring consumers an intelligent shopping experience through a series of technical means. Like ESL (Electronic Label) systems and self-service terminals, it can provide Internet of Things solutions such as customer behavior analysis and shelf management for supermarkets and finance. In the end, the combination of online and offline can be realized, the efficiency of operation is greatly improved, and the zero distance of retail O+O is realized.




What is new retail, providing convenience to consumers


The BOU (BOE) Smart Retail Solution's VUSION series of electronic tags are modular in design, available in black and white red, placed on the shelf to replace the traditional paper price tag, and waterproof, dustproof, antifreeze and other functions. More importantly, this small electronic tag can connect the information of the store's goods, bar code, brand and the latest price to the database of the shop computer through the wireless network, avoiding the price, specifications, etc. due to the update of the information. When the information is not updated synchronously, it brings convenience to the store operator.


What is new retail? Jointly realize retail O+O zero distance


Not only that, consumers can quickly obtain information on products and make mobile payments through NFC or scanning QR codes. The clerk can also operate remotely, replace the electronic label template, and also see the virtual visual shelf interface through the mobile terminal. If there are abnormalities in the product placement, the sale of the product, etc., the first time will be displayed through the background, thereby improving the operation of the store. s efficiency. And after a period of data accumulation, BOE (BOE) smart retail solutions can also predict which products will be out of stock, eliminating the hassle of business inventory, making retail more intelligent.


What is new retail? Jointly realize retail O+O zero distance


Currently, BOE has provided smart retail solutions to more than 16,000 stores in more than 55 countries around the world, with a global market share of over 50%. It can be said that more and more people are beginning to get in touch with new retail. From the beginning, they don't know what new retail is. When they go out, they can use this model to achieve shopping. The change of retail brings business and consumers. Convenience, perhaps in the near future, new retail will become more popular.