Mexico's Kidzania Interactive Theme Park Uses RFID Bracelets To Optimize The Visitor Experience

- Oct 24, 2019-

Kidzania is an interactive theme park for children, recently opened in Guadalajara, Mexico. In order to improve the visitor experience, the park introduced Panasonic's integrated digital self-service kiosk and shortened the time to purchase tickets and deliver RFID bracelets for children and their accompanying adults.

Originating in Mexico, Kidzania operates in 21 countries and is one of the fastest growing children's entertainment brands. This park is similar to an interactive city for children from 1 to 14 years old, and combines inspiration, fun and learning through role-playing games. Children can explore on a scale of more than 7,000 square meters, where they can work in about 100 occupations.

Eduardo Guevara, global technology manager at Kidzania, said that this more digital and interesting space will give visitors a new experience.

As part of this new proposal, Kidzania attempts to reduce the waiting time to optimize the public experience at the point of purchasing tickets, support payment by credit or debit card, obtain tickets and then match the RFID bracelet of the family or group member through the ticket. To identify or locate children quickly and accurately.

Kidzania made this request to Panasonic's B2B solution team because he knew there were many possibilities for Japanese companies' recent vending kiosk solutions in the fast food and retail sectors.

Panasonic has developed a concept for Kidzania's needs, including kiosk design, structure and image integration into touch displays, credit card machines, thermal ticket printers and RFID bracelet printers. This software and graphical user interface design was created by the Kidzania team and has been incorporated into Panasonic's solution.

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When purchasing tickets, the system assigns a number and a code to the transaction that activates the RFID chip integrated in each bracelet. All RFID bracelets in the same transaction can form a group and share the same password, so the campus can easily identify each family or group through the RFID reader antenna installed on Kidzania Guadalajara.

Through the RFID bracelet, the park can restrict minors from entering and leaving without the presence of adults in the group; or through the bracelet, you can find scattered minors. RFID reading antennas are available in every area of the City to accurately understand the location of all visitors. RFID technology can be used over a large area of coverage, and its accuracy ensures that it does not interfere with other visitors.

The RFID identification bracelet and RFID reader antenna system was developed by Kidzania as part of its preventive security strategy; the video surveillance system, security personnel and partners responsible for customer service received training to complement the system.

Eduardo Guevara said: "One of our top priorities is to ensure the safety of visitors. 20 years ago, we started with the concept of a safety bracelet to ensure that the same adult is admitted to and out of the park."

The head of global technology at Kidzania said: “In Kidzania Guadalajara, we have expanded this concept. Today, RFID bracelets can be used to bind tourist information; in addition, this is a more aesthetically pleasing device, where visitors can display the name of the visitor. To create a sense of belonging."