Inovar Acquires Label Processing Company Flexo-Graphics

- Nov 08, 2019-

Inovar Packaging Group of Texas, USA, recently acquired Flexo-Graphics, a Wisconsin label processing company that aims to expand the coverage of Inovar Packaging Group in the Midwestern United States.

Flexo-Graphics is the first platform company of Inovar Packaging Group in the Midwestern United States, adding to the company's existing manufacturing capabilities in New England, Southwest and Southeast. The acquisition is part of Inovar's growth strategy, which hopes to grow through its own development and collaborative investments with business owners and management.

“We are delighted that Flexo-Graphics has joined our Inovar family,” said Jeff Brezek, Executive Chairman of Inovar Packaging Group. “Tim and Mike McDonough have built highly innovative consumer and industrial labeling businesses over the past 20 years and have a strong customer-oriented culture. They are a powerful complement to the Inovar platform.”

The owners of Flexo-Graphics, Tim McDonough and Mike McDonough, will work with the current Inovar management team and will continue to lead the Midwest platform.

“We are very proud of the synergy with the Inovar team and the support of AEA as a sponsor. This is a win-win situation for us and allows us to enter a new phase of corporate development,” Flexo-Graphics The company's two bosses said. “The Inovar team brings the scale we need (we) to enable us to continue to build our market leadership and achieve our future growth goals through advances in technology and more products for our valuable customer base.”

The company will continue to work with AEA Investors to develop strategic investments.

“We understand the complex and ever-changing needs of growing consumer and industrial products companies, so we are committed to increasing our value-added services and expanding our geographic reach to meet these needs,” said Tonova Tubbs, president of Inovar Group.