Concert Uses RFID Technology To Promote Interaction Between Singers And Fans

- Nov 27, 2019-

Recently, singer, composer and model Shawn Mendes successfully applied radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking technology at his concert and became a technical publicity agent for free.

When the audience enters the concert site, they will receive the LED RFID wristband, and the light of the wristband will flash with the rhythm of the music.

Entertainers can use LED RFID wristbands to turn any show into a customized light show, and the lighting effects can be designed exactly as they imagine. Many LED RFID wristbands use controllable digital multiplexing (DMX), which is the standard for digital communication networks and is commonly used to control stage lighting and effects with the help of a laptop computer control system or DMX lighting board.

Picture 1.png

Typical style of LED RFID wristband

Shawn Mendes perfectly synchronized with the fans in the audience through a variety of RFID products, turning his concert into an interactive party with fans.

Although the concert is fun, RFID tags are more used in daily life. Molex products give you a clear idea of what is where. Over the years, Molex has combined innovation and technology to provide quality electronic solutions to customers worldwide.

Molex leverages RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and other wireless communication technologies to support passive or real-time asset tracking to accurately manage valuable inventory and assets in a cost-effective manner. RFID technology is used in conjunction with RFID readers and is particularly useful for asset management.

Molex passive RFID tags are robust and reliable, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (-50 ° C to + 85 ° C), vibration and challenging environments. Slim label size is important in industrial material transportation. The slim size means more space and less damage, ultimately reducing costs. Molex's thin RFID tags enable customers to optimize space utilization by selecting the best form factors for their unique applications.

Picture 2.png

Molex passive RFID tags are reliable, rugged tags with multiple size and read range options to meet the unique performance requirements of various applications (Source: Molex)

Molex passive RFID tags offer a variety of sizes and read range options. Some are not as large as fingernails, while others are large enough to allow user devices to read data from 15 meters away. These tags are ideal for applications such as manufacturing, construction, inventory management, and service / lease. Products and parts that manufacturers want to track can be made from a variety of materials. These IP67 and IP68 rated labels can be affixed to a variety of materials such as metal, insulated cables, glass, plastic and other non-metallic materials.

Molex has partnered with Alien Technology to provide a range of outstanding readers to complete RFID technology solutions. Combining Alien Technology RFID readers with Molex's range of RFID tags can focus on ease of use, robustness and performance issues. Alien Technology readers provide best-in-class read and write performance, save costs by reducing external network infrastructure, and provide industry-leading intelligence and security.

Shawn Mendes showed to the audience how cool RFID tracking technology is, whether it's rock concerts or asset tracking, it can play a huge role.