A University In The Philippines Shares Its RFID Identity To Avoid Public Fraud

- Nov 08, 2019-

The University of San Jose-Recletos (USJ-R) in Cebu City, Philippines, issued a statement alleging that someone had impersonated the school’s name for fraudulent cash.

The private university called on the public to immediately report any suspects they might encounter to the police, who claimed to be USJ-R students and sought financial help.

In an official statement issued on November 7, 2019, USJ-R stated that a similar incident had occurred previously. At the time, the man entered the Tisza Elementary School using the pseudonyms of Christian Castro and Phillip Arabejo and introduced himself as a fresh graduate of the University of Nursing.

“On November 6, a friend of a teacher at a public school in Barrangetisa contacted USJ-R to verify that the ID card presented was legal. We denied the legality of the identity card based on the photos sent to us. ""

The statement also mentioned: "It can be seen from the video surveillance video of a school in Tisa that this person escaped when he was arrested by the school security guard."

In order to successfully defraud the victim’s trust in him, the suspect presented a forged school identity document, prospectus, study materials and other documents with a USJ-R seal. Later, the identity of the suspect was confirmed as a former USJ-R student Joselito dela Cerna Paras Jr.

USJ-R denies the validity of the person's actions and plans to file a formal complaint with Jr. in violation of Section 178 of the revised Criminal Code (using a pseudonym and concealing the real name).

The school also called on government agencies to help promote publicity to raise public awareness of such modus operandi.

In order to protect the public from such fraudulent practices, the university shared the main features of its school documents: students in the photo wearing formal school uniforms, clear printed fonts, RFID tags and ID documents on the back of the documents; from 2017 Embedded barcodes are available on the ID documents issued at the beginning and later of the year.