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About Us Production Market Over 1 billion from North America,Europe,Asia,Middle East,South Africa. Our Product Currently, Koco Data has completed RFID electronic tag packaging technology

Hot Products

    • RFID HF Wet Inlay

      RFID HF Wet Inlay

      RFID HF Wet Inlay Wet inlay is inlay that has an adhesive backing stick on silicon liner, and covered with a thin layer of protection film (e.g. PP). It normally comes from dry inlay as the raw material, and it is commonly used to make label

    • RFID UHF Wet Inlay

      RFID UHF Wet Inlay

      RFID UHF Wet Inlays are described as “wet” due to their adhesive backing, so they are essentially industrial RFID stickers. Passive RFID Tags are comprised of two parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing information and an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal

    • RFID HF Dry Inlay

      RFID HF Dry Inlay

      HF Dry Inlay is made from 3 main components :chip, glue and RFID etched antenna. The dry inlay is typically supplied on a substrate or carrier.If coating with adhesive, it is called a wet inlay